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Perfecting the Smile: Professional Embalming Course

How powerful is the smile?

A smile adds value to the funeral and gives the family a warmth or a feel-good feeling that will last a lifetime. This course will teach you how to provide the families you serve the best memory of their loved one possible.

We are excited you are here to take part in this unique course. In this series, you will see Matt Smith's highly efficient and effective technique of perfecting the smile.

This course includes:

  • Video walk-thru for each Lesson (over 1 hour of content)
  • Real-world Cadaver Examples
  • Lifetime Access
  • Free online embalming tools

Follow along with the Cadaver Examples, and you can see exactly how Matt does it.

Course topics:

  • How to create better memories for the family
  • The shape of the smile
  • The natural expression of the smile
  • Mouth Closures that Create a More Natural Expression
  • Setting Features
  • Symmetry in the face
  • Using feature builder to perfect the smile and face
  • Gluing the  Eyes
  • Gluing the Lips 
  • And much more

The Course Videos:

  • The Shape of the Smile
  • How Powerful is the Smile?
  • Accentuating the Smile with Feature Builder: Cadaver Example
  • Symmetry in the Face
  • Using Feature Builder to Create Symmetry: Cadaver Example 
  • Things You Should Not Do When Embalming
  • The Final Touches to Perfecting the Smile: Cadaver Example 
  • Muscular Sutures 
  • Mouth Closure and Setting the Smile Features: Cadaver Example
  • Paying Attention to Details

What People Are Saying:

I've been embalming for forty years and never considered this type of injection procedure. Very innovative.

AJ Searson

Appreciate your hard work into this course. Stay safe my friend. Enjoyed it. Thank you. Austin Mortuary Service, Austin Texas

Thelma Garza

Very informative and reinforces the universal precautions importance. Matt, I remember you from Springfield, MO ASE seminar. Thanks for all you do for our profession. Together we can make funerals meaningful again.

Timothy M. Kramer

Thanks Matt. Very informative. Your dedication and commitment to this profession is greatly appreciated!

Tamir L. Faison