Perfecting the Smile: Professional Embalming  Course

This course includes:

  • Video walk-thru for each Lesson (over 1 hour of content)
  • Real-world Cadaver Examples
  • Lifetime Access
  • Free online embalming tools

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In this free video, I will focus on the final touches of the smile and massaging the face to evenly spread the feature builder where needed. I will also talk about gluing the mouth to finish it off.

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Matt Smith

If there ever were a trailblazer in a profession, it is Matt Smith.  In the past 25 years, Matt has become an international icon in embalming and professional instruction. 

Matt is well-known for his innovative solutions for difficult case restoration and feature setting.

Developing and teaching his rarified technical procedures and artistic enhancements with his extensive experience,

Matt inspires this community. He has designed well-documented visuals and instructional courses to transform the profession. Matt is driven to make an impact. But most importantly, he is an inspirational, encouraging, and compelling coach.

Carol Williams

Matt Smith brings a voice of calm reassurance on what to do and how to handle Covid-19. Many feel isolated and he has a way of bringing everyone together.

Thomas Lynch,

“Matt Smith is a true professional; an embalmer with great talent who combines technical proficiency and true compassion. He serves the living by caring for the dead.” 

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