Learn How to Create Matt Smith's LEGENDARY Natural Expression of the SMILE

How powerful is the smile? A smile adds value to the funeral. It gives the family a warmth or a feel-good feeling of their loved one.


The most common question asked after doing a demonstration technique is "Do you have step-by-step video training that includes explanations about perfecting the smile?"

We answered these requests by creating lessons where the meticulous attention to detail in visual and oral content exceeds any instruction offered.

The answer is yes. We now have the smile course and you can sign up right now.

We as Embalmers Hold a Place of High Impact in Society

 The work we do preparing a loved one as PERFECTLY PRESENTABLE leaves a lifetime memory for the family.

Being the professional you are, many of these techniques you already perform. And... likely are implementing them quite well. As you know, no one continues to achieve greatness and progress without being open to new ideas.  If you are here reading this we believe, you are continually seeking ways to better serve through your profession.

Come along with us on this journey of discovery and challenge yourself to improve on your methods of great work.


My Perfecting the Smile Course Will Help You With:


Creating a Lasting Impact

Create a better family memory with your work.

Creating a More Natural Expression

Learn the world-renown smile technique created by Matt Smith.

Paying Attention to Details

Families don't know embalming techniques but if mistakes are made they will think “I guess that’s just how it is”.

Understanding the Power of the Smile

The smile is the window to your face that tells people you're home.

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Your Coach Matt Smith

If there ever were a trailblazer in a profession, it is Matt Smith.  In the past 25 years, Matt has become an international icon in embalming and professional instruction. 

Matt is well-known for his innovative solutions for difficult case restoration and feature setting.

Developing and teaching his rarified technical procedures and artistic enhancements with his extensive experience,

Matt inspires this community. He has designed well-documented visuals and instructional courses to transform the profession. Matt is driven to make an impact. But most importantly, he is an inspirational, encouraging, and compelling coach.

Carol Williams

"Matt Smith brings a voice of calm reassurance on what to do and how to handle challenging embalming cases. Many feel isolated and he has a way of bringing everyone together."

Thomas Lynch

“Matt Smith is a true professional; an embalmer with great talent who combines technical proficiency and true compassion. He serves the living by caring for the dead.” 

I want to thank you for being here! Most likely, you have seen our efforts to make our profession better. It is possible we have spoken personally. Either way, we are in this together. Don’t be bashful to use these resources. Maybe, more importantly, don’t be bashful to invest in yourself!!

My Grandfather always said, “Education is something once you have, No one can ever take from you!” Invest in yourself!!

You deserve the Best!
The Families YOU Serve Deserve YOUR Best!!

The Smile Course Includes Tutorial Videos On: 

  • The Shape of the Smile
  • How Powerful is the Smile? 
  • Accentuating the Smile with Feature Builder: Cadaver Example 1
  • Symmetry in the Face
  • Using Feature Builder to Create Symmetry: Cadaver Example 2
  • Things You Should Not Do When Embalming
  • The Final Touches to Perfecting the Smile: Cadaver Example 3
  • Muscular Sutures
  • Mouth Closure and Setting the Smile Features: Cadaver Example 4
  • Paying Attention to Details

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Perfecting the Smile Technique